Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services

As the largest provider of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) non-residential services in the Bayside region, the AOD Program at Star Health is committed to providing timely consumer and community focussed support through the provision of individualised AOD treatment planning and working with the local community to reduce harms and to improve the health of people who use substances.

About Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Services

Star Health’s AOD program is a central access point for all alcohol and other drug services located in Prahran, St Kilda, Bentleigh, and the South Melbourne area. We can help identify which services can support you and connect you to them.

If drug or alcohol related issues are affecting you or someone you care about, contact us to find out how the AOD Program works and what options are available for you or the person you are concerned about.

What we can offer you:

  • Intake, assessment and an individualised AOD treatment plan
  • Referral to AOD services throughout Victoria (residential and non-residential)
  • Advice, information, and education around AOD use
  • Alcohol Counselling and Other Drug Counselling, Harm Reduction, Assessment and Referral
  • Specialised AOD Counselling
  • Support and/or specialised counselling for family members and significant others
  • Group support
  • Care coordination and outreach services
  • Home based withdrawal services
  • Advocacy and support to navigate the AOD treatment system

To find out more about the needle and syringe program and projects working with the local community, please see: Harm Reduction Programs


How do I Access the AOD Program?

The AOD Program is open to:

  • Consumers over 16 years of age
  • Consumers who reside in the Bayside region who are seeking support around AOD issues
  • Family members and/or significant others of people with an AOD issue

Services are available in South Melbourne, Prahran, St Kilda and Bentleigh.

For specialist Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex & Queer Alcohol and Drug Services

Free call: 1800 906 669


BayAODS Free call: 1800 229 263

Bayside Alcohol and Other Drug Services: (03) 9690 9778


How much will it cost?

The AOD Program provides free services.

Download the Time To Change brochure

Our Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) program.

Dual Diagnosis Clinic

For those experiencing both mental health and substance misuse issues.

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