Becoming a member is easy and it’s free

As a Member, you will play a crucial role in the effective governance of Star Health. 

The role of Members of Star Health (“the Company”) is outlined in our Constitution at clause 3.4, which includes to: 

  • receive reports of the Company’s activities (e.g. annual and financial reports) 
  • appoint the Company’s auditor at a general meeting 
  • attend general meetings 
  • vote on special resolutions to approve changes to the Company’s name, Constitution (including the Purpose, membership structure and Board structure) or legal structure 
  • hold the Directors to account for the management, governance, activities and finances of the Company, including the power to remove Directors; and  
  • approve any decision to wind-up or deregister the Company. 

You can read the full Star Health Constitution here.

If you would like to be involved with Star Health in other ways, there are many other avenues to participate. This includes volunteering, and participating in working groups, reference groups, consultations or interview panels. You can view current opportunities to participate here or by contacting our Community Participation Officer via telephone on (03) 9525 1300.

You can also provide any provide feedback on any of Star Health’s services via this page or by contacting our Quality Manager via telephone on (03) 9525 1300.