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Harm Reduction – AIVL NSP directory (Australia-wide but you type your postcode or go to the map)– AIVL harm reduction resources – Drugs, the law and safer injecting – Victorian legal guide – return on investment report – NSP 2009 – HRVic resources include substance specific resources, overdose, hep c treatment – An international, online harm-reduction community that hosts forums where people seeking support (reducing use/dependence, harm reduction, education) can speak in a judgement free space. – Helpful, accessible information on how to be safer in a party/festival setting, including information about buying drugs, taking drugs and looking after friends. A list of various party drugs, their street names, and detailed information about each drug. Drug information includes dosage, safer use, duration, administration, detection, effects, combinations. – A national website with drug and alcohol information with specific information for LGBTQIA+ communities (e.g. interactions with HRT and HIV medication). Has a section for Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drugs, Sexual Health, Toolkit & Stories. Includes a lot of information about a range of drugs, their effects, treatment, where to go for support etc. – Information on a range of substances, specifically some less reported on psychoactive substances like NBOMe. – Has a drug checker section for information on how different prescription drugs interact with each other. – Has a 24hr drug and alcohol support line & live chat, established in 1996, has information on a range of different drugs. Has a great section on advice on how to plan nights out so that everyone stays safe. – “Every individual reacts differently to every chemical. Know your Body – Know your Mind – Know your Substance – Know your Source.” Extremely comprehensive list of substances, with information about dosage, effects, legality, chemistry, potential harms etc. A huge range of psychedelic substances that a lot of other websites do not cover.– Realistic, non-sensationalist ecstasy information and info on safer using. – An international initiative that focuses on the reduction of harm from alcohol and drug use among young people. Includes info sheets, interventions and interesting relevant articles. – A text based information service by the Australian Drug Foundation. This allows people to text in drug names they might have heard and get a text response with information about the drug. It includes different names and ‘street’ names of drugs. – A VICE video series on a range of substances. Focussing on Harm Reduction information. – Article about safer partying, looking at a few tips on how to reduce potential harms. – Very comprehensive resource on a range of substances. Also has a very informative chart that looks at drug interactions. – Accessible drug information focussed on both short-term and long-term effects of a range of popular drugs. – Dutch website with harm reduction information and information about specific drugs. Many documents are translated into English. – Information on a range of substances (dosage, potential harms, effects etc.) as well as a whole range of safe partying resources. – This website specifically focuses on MDMA harm reduction. – Information on a range of substances (dosage, potential harms, effects etc.) – A resource with helpful drug information on a small selection of substances, along with a peer-run forum. – Comprehensive harm reduction information in an accessible format. – Excellent Victorian based orginisation. Focussed on mostly peer written resources for a wide range of substances, resources for responding to overdose, access to treatment/support and advocacy. Drug information includes dosage, safer use, duration, administration, detection, effects, combinations. – Peer run blog focussing on a whole range of info related to safer using, dealing with dependence, drug law reform, advocacy and general news. – Specific harm reduction and advocacy blog aimed at injecting drug use. – A Harm Reduction Chatbot that lets you ask simple questions about drug interactions. – Harm Reduction website focussed on psychedelics. Great resources for tripsitting and care for someone who is experiencing challenging psychedelic effects.

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