Therapeutic Supports for Adults

Our adult therapeutic supports team provide specialist therapeutic supports to participants with an approved NDIS plan aged 18 and above. We are able to provide assessment and tailor an approach to treatment that helps individuals achieve their goals.

NDIS therapeutic support services for adults:

  • Psychology – Our Psychology professionals provide individual therapy and support to adult participants, including psychological assessment, report writing and recommendations. Their services assist participants to better understand the diagnosis and develop greater insight, as well as providing psychoeducation and support with communication, emotional regulation and self-esteem.
  • Mental Health Occupational Therapy – Our Mental Health Occupational Therapy services include functional assessments and sensory profiling. Our NDIS registered occupational therapists can assist participants to build on their capacity of daily living skills, as well as enhancing social skills and the ability to form new relationships. Their support can help participants to explore interests, goals and motivations, whilst developing and maintaining their stream of weekly activities.
  • Exercise Physiology – Our Exercise Physiologists specialise in movement and physical activity strategies that can help improve a range of chronic conditions. We provide safe, evidence-based exercise programs and advice on lifestyle changes personalised to your health needs and NDIS goals. Our NDIS registered Exercise Physiologists help you to build confidence to participate in activities and improve your mental and physical health.
  • Physical Occupational Therapy – Our Occupational Physical Therapy services include functional assessments, as well as home and environmental assessments that consider safety and fall hazards. Our NDIS occupational therapy professionals can assist participants with strategies to become more independent and provide recommendations and access to assistive technology to support an independent lifestyle.
  • Social Work/Individual Counselling – Our NDIS therapeutic support services also incorporate social work and counselling, including:
  1. Psychosocial assessment
  2. Support to understand disability & limitations
  3. Problem solving & linkage to other services
  4. Family & carer support
  5. Individual counselling
  6. Capacity building & skill development.

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