Children & Family Services

All children develop and grow at their own pace. For some children, their development in one or several areas can be slowed down or look different. There can be many reasons for this, including pre-birth or birth events, genetics, a diagnosed disability or developmental delay or trauma. Sometimes, the reasons are unknown. At Star Health- our team of child development specialists are here to work with you to further understand your child’s current level of development, and discover strategies to help your child’s development and learning.

About Child, Youth and Family Services

The Star Health child health team consists of professionals who have specialised training in certain areas of child development. The team includes:

  • Occupational Therapists – who can help in areas of play, skills for independence like feeding and toileting, motor skills in the context of participating in everyday activities including kinder and school related activities, sensory regulation for attention and learning
  • Speech Pathologists – who can help in areas of functional communication, feeding (where there is a swallowing difficulty), social interactions
  • Psychologists – who can help in areas of emotional development, understanding and managing behaviours
  • Physiotherapists – who can help in areas of posture and structural alignment, movement and coordination with walking, running and general body movements

Although each team member have certain areas of expertise, they all have the ability to help you determine the right starting point in terms of how to support your child’s learning and development. As we know, a child’s development in all areas are interconnected and looking at the child as a whole in the context of their family is what the child health team focuses on. Therefore, your first appointment can be made with any child health team member as they will guide you to the specifics of what may help you and your child in the best way possible based on your unique needs and circumstances.

If your child is below school-age and has a specific disability or significant developmental delay, please refer to our Early Childhood Intervention Services (ECIS) program information page as you may be entitled to this government funded program.

Your child’s development is the focus. However, we know that our work with you as their parent/family will make the most difference. Hence, at Star Health, the focus is very much on empowering you in setting the goals and determining the strategies that will work for your child and the family. Apart from working with your child health team, there are other services for you as a parent and/or the family as a unit at Star Health e.g. Family Casework Counselling, PlaySteps and 123 Magic Group.

How much will it cost?

The cost for these services are means tested. You can view more on our Fees page.

Some services of the team can also be accessed through private funds if applicable or through your NDIS plan.


How do I access Child, Youth and Family Services?

These services are short- medium term services, available to families with children 0-12 years, who are not able to access services with any other means of government funding.

The services provided by the child health team can be delivered at your home, your child’s kinder/child care or at the clinic. This will be determined in collaboration with you and in view of the goals that are set out. Family and group services tend to be centre or community based.

Services are available Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

If you would like to refer someone into this service, please complete the below referral form and one of our team will be in touch within two business days.

Child Health Team online referral form

  • Child's details

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • First languageSecond languageThird language 
  • Referral Details

    Tick if you have an assessment and/or care plan and are happy for StarHealth to contact you to obtain a copy. Alternatively, you can attach them below
  • Pregnancy and birth history (if known)

  • (eg. special care nursery, oxygen, jaundice)
  • (eg. reflux, poor sleeping, difficulty feeding, poor weight gain)
  • Development milestones (if known)

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  • Other services involved with family (current or previous)

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Further Information

Contact our Intake & Referral team on 9525 1300 to make a referral.