South Melbourne Community Capacity Building Initiative

The Initiative began in late 2018 and is a partnership between Star Health and the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. The Initiative aims to work with key stakeholders to support the Park Towers and Emerald Hill Court communities in South Melbourne, and aims to foster a safe, thriving, supported neighbourhood where public housing residents can have a say in their community, and contribute to improved service delivery and local outcomes.

Capacity building projects assist local communities develop, start, and sustain their own solutions to problems and to shape their physical, social, economic, and cultural environments. The Initiative meets regularly with the Park Towers Community Advisory Group and the Emerald Hill Court Residents Association. 

The Park Towers Community Hub is one of the place-based developments of the Initiative. The Community Hub is improving the Park Towers community spaces, and creating a way for residents, community services, programs, and organisations to connect with each other and work on opportunities to build a thriving community.  

Contact Information

To find out more, contact the Park Towers Community Hub on