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NewCo Brand Announcement

We are delighted to share the new brand for NewCo with you today!

As you know, the three amalgamating organisations have undertaken an extensive branding consultation and design process. This consultation process involved staff, consumers, our leadership teams and the Boards. We are delighted with the outcome!

Continue reading below to watch our brand animation which is also available at:


Background to our brand;


– The name takes a bold and confident position

– It is inherently positive and uplifting with the promise of something ‘better’

– The concept of a network gives a sense of size and the ability to offer more services in more locations



– Use of capital letters in the logo denotes a solid, established and trustworthy entity

– Colours are vibrant and positive rather than muted and flat

– The intersection and overlap of colour in the font deliberately references the links in the ‘network’ – the multitude of overlapping services we provide in health, wellbeing and social connectedness, the connective tissue of the brand, its services and locations

– Our multi-faceted colour palette is reflective of the diverse communities we work with and within. The colours are inviting, inclusive and uplifting.

– We have deliberately chosen our primary and secondary colour palettes from the existing colours of the three original entities.


We look forward to sharing more news with you again very soon,

Deb Stuart, Amanda Murphy and Damian Ferrie