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Star Health commits to Gender Equality and Respect

Acting CEO Kent Burgess and Chair of the Gender Equality Implementation Group Tara Kelly

MEDIA RELEASE- 18/06/2020

At Star Health we commit to ensuring that people of all genders deserve equal rights, voice, opportunities, dignity, fairness, equity and to feel safe, valued and respected in their workplace and community. 

Kent Burgess, CEO of Star Health stated that as a workplace and health service Star Health has an important role to play in promoting gender equality and creating a culture with conditions and practices that are inclusive and equitable for all genders.  

By working with our staff and community to achieve gender equality and respect, we will help to end all forms of violence against women and girls and persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities in our community.  

This public Statement of Commitment affirms our intent to prioritise gender equality in our planning, policy, service delivery and practice. We will work towards achieving gender equality by practicing the following: 

  • Everyone, including our leaders, will speak up for equality and inclusion   
  • Our structures, strategies and policies will explicitly promote gender equality 
  • Gender equality will be embedded in our recruitment, remuneration and promotion processes and we will ensure all genders can have access to flexible work options, without penalty 
  • We will work to create a culture where all staff feel safe and confident to express themselves and raise concerns about gender inequality and potential discrimination without adverse consequences 
  • Staff will be supported to actively challenge gender stereotypes, roles and norms in our workplace and the community 
  • Staff who are impacted by gendered violence will receive best practice support through our Workplace Family Violence Policy and Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying procedure 
  • We will use our communication channels to deliver gender equality messages to staff and the community 
  • Gender equity impacts will be considered in the way we plan and deliver our services and 
  • We will assess and report on our progress to staff and the community annually