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A day in the life of Service Access & Support Team Member, Deepa

We often underestimate how important it is to be greeted by a friendly face when seeking a health service. People can often feel daunted and unsure when visiting the doctors or a Community Health Centre, which is why Star Health has a dedicated support team ready and willing to help anyone that walks through the doors.

Star Health Service Access & Support Team Member Deepa Prabhu is one of the many faces on the front desk at our South Melbourne location. She recognises that her client interactions are often the clients first experience with Star Health, so it’s important to make them feel at ease as quickly as possible.

“As we are a Community Health Centre, we get a lot of people walking in without an appointment. They may have been directed here by someone else, or they may not know where to go, and are seeking assistance.

“We are nearly always able to help people. If we don’t offer the service they are seeking; I will try to find another service provider or another contact who can help them. Essentially, we want to do what we can to ensure people are getting the support that they need,” says Deepa.

“Some people aren’t too sure what to ask. They know what they need, but they can’t find the right words. In this situation, it’s important we let them talk. We ask guiding questions and let them share their story which nearly always means that we can determine what they need and can guide them to the right program,” says Deepa.

“…no day is ever the same. It’s unpredictable and that means it’s never boring! I am never idle; I am constantly learning.”

Deepa enjoys helping others and has worked at Star Health for nearly a year She is excited about her work and when asked what she enjoys most, she shared, “…it’s the different interactions I have with people throughout the day. Different people walk in and out including young and old with a range of different needs and health conditions. This means that no day is ever the same. It’s unpredictable and that means it’s never boring! I am never idle; I am constantly learning.”

Aside from greeting clients, Deepa provides support to the many different health teams and programs across Start Health, and in particular the GP team. She follows up clients, sets new appointments and liaises with hospitals and other service providers to track down records and respond to requests.

Despite navigating a busy workday, she recognises that it’s important not to carry stress around and to ask for help from others whenever you need it.

Outside of work, Deepa likes to unwind by reading, listening to music, heading to the beach and cooking a delicious meal, accompanied by a red wine!

Next time you are visiting our South Melbourne Community Health Centre make sure you say hello to Deepa!