Vision, Mission, Values


Health and wellbeing for all.


Star Health works in partnership with people and communities to promote and improve equity, health and wellbeing, by:

  • Delivering innovative, client-directed services that take into account the context of the individual and the community, and
  • Championing prevention and change to address the structural reasons for health inequity.


In all aspects of our work, Star Health upholds the following values:

  • Inclusiveness
    Valuing everyone, embracing diversity and encouraging participation.
  • Empowerment
    Working with people to build their attributes, capabilities and capacity to manage their lives.
  • Equity
    Ensuring all achieve equitable health and wellbeing outcomes, regardless of life circumstances and economic status.
  • Social Justice¬†and Human Rights
    Respecting and promoting the dignity of all individuals and advocating to ensure equality of opportunity to a just and fair life.
  • Accountability
    Making our ways of working open, honest and transparent, and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • Learning and Innovating
    Consciously learning and innovating to improve our work and achieve our vision.