Parenting Workshops

Tuning Into Kids and Tuning into Teens 

Tuning in to Kids® is a suite of parenting programs that focus on the emotional connection between parents/carers and their children, from pre-schoolers to teens. The evidence-based programs have proven success in improving parenting, parent-child relationships and children’s emotional competence and behaviour. 

You have two options: 

Option 1: 

A program format with 6×2-hour sessions, occurring in consecutive weeks. The program is facilitated by 2 workers, trained in the program.  

For more information Tuning into Kids/Teens and the evidence behind the programs go to: 

Option 2: 

A webinar format which runs for 3×1 hour sessions, occurring in consecutive weeks this aims to give participants some basic tips and tools as well as insight to what the full program would be like. 

To Register: 

We run courses throughout the year, if you would like to participate please give us some *information about you and your family via the online form below so we can register you into the program of your choice. Once you have registered, we will contact you with upcoming course dates. 

Contact Information

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