Inkerman Street

About Inkerman Street Services

In partnership with over 100 organisations across Victoria, Star Health are committed to respecting and reflecting the needs of all patients – including those that work in the sex industry. Our Inkerman Street location offers RhED (Resourcing health & EDucation) services that provide a range of health and safety information for sex workers, as well as a Pathway To Exit program for those that are looking to leave the industry. We also offer alcohol counselling and drug counselling services.

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Services offered at our Inkerman Street location:

At Star Health, we offer Resourcing Health and Education in the Sex Industry services. This is a specialist service for those who work in the sex industry within Victoria. We offer services to improve the health and wellbeing of sex workers in a safe and professional environment.

Pathways to Exit is a case management program, aiming to provide individuals within the sex industry who are looking to explore alternative employment and training with the support, assistance and resources they need to find new opportunities. Initially started as a 12-month initiative, continued funding allowed this service to operate far passed the initial pilot period.